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I'm just after setting up OpenCV for android in Eclipse following this tutorial, I have the samples which do not use native c running fine on my phone.

The problem is when I try to run the native code samples, I followed all the steps on the next page for setting up the builder in eclipse but when I try to run the samples on my phone they crash. I have used NDK before and successfully set up tesseract for android using the command line to compile the native code instead of eclipse.

I think the problem is due to

unsatisfiedLinkError:Couldn't load native_sample:findLibrary returned null

but I am unsure. I have a screenshot here if that helps.

Any suggestions would be more than welcome !!

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Please check if there is a native_sample.so in your APK, it seems the java app can not load your lib.

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Which directory should it be located in? I have libnative_camera_r2.so / r2.3.3.so and libnative_sample.so in the libs folder if that's what you mean.. –  Tom celic Feb 27 '12 at 16:37

I'm late here but you need to place any .so files in your "libs/armeabi" folder in order for Android to automagically find them.

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