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Can I preview the changes that will be checked-in to TFS without using git tfs checkintool?

I'd prefer a better UI like GitGui and I'd prefer not to risk accidentally clicking Ok.

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I usually work with git and making feature branch using just pure git tools (and there you can use whatever you like - GitExtensions, Git Source Control Provider for VS, TortoiseGit, SmartGit etc). When I have my branch ready to be pushed to TFS - I ensure that my branch is rebased onto latest TFS commit and run git tfs rcheckin.

Basically what is going to be in TFS after any sort of git-tfs checkin is the same you have in your local git commit(s).

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After the rebase is there a way to see what the changes are? Perhaps a git way to compare the branch vs master? –  Brian Low Mar 29 '12 at 15:49
You can run git log or browse history with any tool you like and check changes when you need it. It will go to TFS sequentially one-by-one. If you use TortoiseGit, for example, you can run Show log... command, select two commits you want to compare and select Compare revisions from context menu. Though, it had nothing to do with git-tfs, it is pure git experience. –  Ivan Danilov Mar 30 '12 at 17:34
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