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I tried to write vertical text on my graphical program created in Processing with this code in my draw() function.

  // Translate to where I want text to be.
  translate(20., 30.);

  // Center align text

  // Rotate text-to-be written by 270 degrees to make it vertical.

  // Write vertical text.
  text("Some Vertical Text", 0, 0);

  // Undo rotation and translation.
  translate(-20., -30.);

However, this code does not rotate the text vertically. In fact, the text that is written is slanted neither vertically nor horizontally.

What is going on?

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You have to specify the angle in radians. Try rotate(PI/2.0*3) instead. If you don't like using radians you can convert them with the radians(x) function. The end result looks like this: rotate(radians(270)).

Oh, and in general it's a better idea to use pushMatrix() to save the current translation/rotation/state and popMatrix to restore it afterwards instead of rotating back. Rotating often gives you small rounding errors that can quickly accumulate.

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Thanks! rotate(3*PI/2) rotated the text correctly. Also, thanks a lot for the advice on using a matrix stack. That will save me a lot of labor from now on in graphics programming (and is more accurate). –  David Faux Feb 27 '12 at 0:52

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