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I need to import a huge number of polygons from a third party (as a csv file- array of x,y's). I have to check whether the polygon vertices are in clockwise or counter clockwise, finally i have to convert it into counter clockwise and store it in the oracle spatial table as sdo geometry.

I am not able to find any oracle spatial java API to check the array of vertices and convert it into counter clockwise. I tried the same question in oracle spatial forum, but they said no API for this.

do you have ever worked on this oracle spatial java API, any other thoughts. ( i have found some methods to validate the ring rotation "", but if it is from oracle it will be good to implement).

Could you help me in getting the oracle spatial java api,

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Knowing NOTHING about the Oracle Spatial Java API, take a look at the oracle.spatial.topo.CompGeom class. It has three different methods for computing cross-products. One of those should work for your data.

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