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It looks like there is no built-in support for Git in CruiseControl.NET.

Anyone have suggestions on Git plug-ins, tips, or other advice on getting CruiseControl.NET with work with Git?

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There's a CC.net/git plugin at github:


The rdoc includes instructions for configuring CC.net to use a git repository.

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I just wanted to note that newer CruiseControl.net have builtin support for git


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Integration of git/mercurial support for 1.5 release of CruiseControl.Net is currently worked on - the git plugin AFAIK has already been integrated into main repository.

Mercurial is already included in documentation.

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Yes, I just checked and 1.5 does indeed have both git and mercurial native – Nick DeVore Apr 8 '10 at 20:36

The Git support was added in CC.NET 1.5 according to the documentation.

Since Thoughtworks seems to be having issues with their public CruiseControl.NET site I wanted to mention that full coverage about the "official" Git Source Control block can be found in the documentation that ships with the CruiseControl.NET installation:

It seems like the official plugin has some added features about tagging and checking in files modified during the build.

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