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I am new to Netbeans and am trying to define and run various custom goals for my Maven proj. My maven proj uses a number of plugins; once for building the Java classes, another for pre-compiling JSPs, another for building an OSGi bundle, and another for deploying to my dev app server.

It seems that by default, Netbeans has Build and Clean & Build as easily accessible "build options" in the main toolbar bar. These trigger the install goal which runs through the entire build processes (compiles everything and deploys to my dev).

In Netbeans, I can edit the Properties for the project, and define a "development" profile, and then define custom actions (or modify the default Netbeans actions).

How do I : 1) Invoke Actions that aren't Build or Clean & Build in Netbeans 2) Define only certain goals for specific plugins to run, and invokes those actions.

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First go to the Project Properties > Actions and create your MVN build

Project properties

The above will run:

mvn install -P initdb,initdb-qa -DskipTest=true -Dprop.name=dev

Then it will become available under "Custom"

Custom Action

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alternatively you can use the Custom popup on project node and within the Custom... action's dialog, setup goals for execution and eventually remember the setup for subsequent executions. The remembered item will appear in the same popup menu. For global (for every project) goal definitions, please see the global options.

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