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while True:
  mess = raw_input('Type: ')
  //other stuff

While user doesn't type anything, I can't do //other stuff. How can I do, that other stuff would be executed, but, if user types anything at that time, mess would change its value?

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I came across your article and decided to do some digging to help you out with your question. I don't know if you came across this article before but I found this article stackoverflow.com/questions/2082387/… and the top-voted answer by user jhackworth seems to address the issue you are mentioning. I hope this helps or in the very least points you in the right direction! –  SMT Feb 27 '12 at 2:03

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You should spawn your other stuff in a worker thread.

import threading
import time
import sys

mess = 'foo'

def other_stuff():
  while True:
    sys.stdout.write('mess == {}\n'.format(mess))

t = threading.Thread(target=other_stuff)

while True:
  mess = raw_input('Type: ')

This is a trivial example with mess as a global. Note that for thread-safe passing of objects between worker thread and main thread, you should use a Queue object to pass things between threads, don't use a global.

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As an alternative to using a worker thread you could poll whether the user input is available on Unix via select.select():

import select
import sys

def raw_input_timeout(prompt=None, timeout=None):
    if prompt is not None:
    ready = select.select([sys.stdin], [],[], timeout)[0]
    if ready:
        # there is something to read
        return sys.stdin.readline().rstrip('\n')

prompt = "First value: "
while True:
    s = raw_input_timeout(prompt, timeout=0)
    if s is not None:
        mess = s # change value
        prompt = "Type: " # show another prompt
        prompt = None # hide prompt
    # do other stuff

Each time the user presses Enter the mess value is changed.

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