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MS Access 2003.

I have a query behind a subform that has a sql statement like this:

SELECT ClientTotalInvoiceLineItems.*, CDate(GetWeekEnding([WeekEnding1],[WeekEnding2],[WeekEnding3],[WeekEnding4],[WeekEnding5],[WeekEnding6])) AS WeekEnding, CapturedInvoices.EnteredInvoiceNo, IIf([forms]![frmClientTotalInvoices]![frmClientTotalInvoicesSub].[Form].[NewRecord]=True,0,Ccur([ContractingFeesSubtotal])) AS Subtotal, CCur([GSTAmount]) AS GST, CCur([TotalDue]) AS Total, IIf(IsNull([ctlCreated]),'',[ctlCreated] & ' by ' & [ctlCreatedBy]) AS Added FROM ClientTotalInvoiceLineItems INNER JOIN CapturedInvoices ON ClientTotalInvoiceLineItems.ctlSourceID = CapturedInvoices.CapturedInvoicedID ORDER BY CDate(GetWeekEnding([WeekEnding1],[WeekEnding2],[WeekEnding3],[WeekEnding4],[WeekEnding5],[WeekEnding6])) DESC;

When the form is on a new record I get #error in the fields starting with ccur.

So as you can see I tried to put a Form.NewRecord expression on field to test it but now MSAccess crashes when I try view in form view.

How can I get rid of those #error in the fields on a new record of a subform??


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There are a few methods of handling this, but one method is to have the record source of the subform initially empty, and then fill in the record source on the after insert event of the main form.

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Its not until i click in the subform and start to enter data that i get this #error. Which confuses my users? OF course those ccur fields are display only not data enter fields. –  Malcolm Feb 27 '12 at 3:14

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