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I am want to implement some regex to test a valid filename as: ABCD-A-V1-02/27/2012

Where the first letter should not be more than 4 letters, the second group goes from A-to-Z and the V# like V1, V2, etc

Here is what I have until now, but in the reg tester does not work, I think I a missing something.

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also you can put ^...$ sign for just validate your desire pattern exactly


it will just validate only your desire pattern , rest of all is invalid

valid : AAAa-aa-v232-12/12/2-2010
invlid: AAAa-aa-v232-12/12/2-20103343AAAA

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Here's the problems I see based on your description:

  • The quantifier for the first group of alphabetic characters is requiring exactly four characters instead of up to four characters
  • The pattern doesn't contain the second group of alphabetic character(s) ('A')
  • The pattern doesn't contain the forward slashes for the date.
  • You've got some things going on inside of curly brackets that aren't valid

Try this:


That breaks down as:

  • At least one and no more than four alphabetic characters, case-insensitive
  • A hyphen
  • A single uppercase alphabetic character
  • A hyphen
  • An uppercase 'V'
  • A single digit
  • A hyphen
  • Two digits
  • A forward slash
  • Two digits
  • A forward slash
  • Four digits

Obviously this won't ensure that the digits at the end represent a valid date.

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Thanks, that was a simple solution! –  SpcCode Feb 27 '12 at 4:24

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