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I have an excel file in which there are 10 columns with the data starting from:

Text1 | Text4 | Text7
Text2 | Text5 | Text8
Text3 | Text6 | Text9

For my requirement, I have to remove the part Text from all these cells. How is this done in Excel? I am a complete newbie to this.

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You can do this directly with your data without formula


  • Select the area of interest
  • Press Ctrl & F to bring up the Find and Replace dialog
  • Select the ‘Replace’ tab
  • Under ‘Find what’ put Text, leave ‘Replace With’ blank
  • Ensure ‘Match entire cell content’ is unchecked



Selection.Replace "Text", vbNullString, xlPart

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Use a formula:

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I tried this formula: = INT((SUBSTITUTE(G2, "Text", "")) but I start getting this circular reference warning and a wrong result. –  Cipher Feb 27 '12 at 4:35

Assuming the first cell is A1 type this in the formula bar = Mid(A1, 5, Len(A1) -4) you can fill series for the other cells.

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