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I am using sql server 2000 and facing round function issue like the following statement working fine.

SELECT ROUND(5 * 7.83, 1)

The result will be 39.2

But when I get these values from the table, it gives 39.1, meaning it truncates and does not round up.

SELECT ROUND(rate * qty, 1) 
  FROM tbl

The result will be 39.1

rate and qty columns data types are float. Insert 5 in qty and 7.83 in rate, then check it. How I can fix it?

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what is the output of select rate,qty from tb1 ? –  Ajeet Sinha Feb 27 '12 at 4:43

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Convert the table values to real,

SELECT ROUND(convert(real,rate)*convert(real,qty),1)
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Your sample simply query is not reflective of the data types involved.

Try these two instead:

SELECT ROUND(5 * 7.83, 1)
SELECT ROUND(cast(5 as float) * cast(7.83 as float), 1)

The 2nd one matches your table data types. Float datatypes are not meant for precise decimal calculations, use a decimal type for those instead.

What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic

Without losing too much precision for normal numbers, you can just cast to decimal on the fly to force human-comprehensible decimal arithmetics, e.g.

SELECT ROUND(cast(rate as decimal(10,5)) * cast(qty as decimal(10,5), 1) 
  FROM tbl
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