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Im using Xalan and want to know how to get a processing instruction. I want to get stylesheet processing instruction.


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possible duplicate of What is the XPath expression to select a Processing instruction? – Flynn1179 Feb 27 '12 at 7:50
        const XalanDOMString            theFileName(fileName);
        const LocalFileInputSource      theInputSource(theFileName.c_str());

        XalanSourceTreeInit             theSourceTreeInit;
        XalanSourceTreeDOMSupport       theDOMSupport;
        XalanSourceTreeParserLiaison    theLiaison(theDOMSupport);

        XalanDocument* const            theDocument =

       if(!theDocument) {
           std::cerr << "Failed to create XalanDocument" << std::endl;
           retValue = -1;

       XalanDocumentPrefixResolver     thePrefixResolver(theDocument);
       XPathEvaluator                  theEvaluator;

       XalanNode* const rootContextNode = theEvaluator.selectSingleNode(
                                                theDOMSupport, theDocument,

       if(rootContextNode) {
//<Now do whatever u want :)>
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