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I have just started learning django. I created a form from django models. On the click of submit button the data is getting stored in database. Now what i want is something like the one given below :

def contact(request):
  if request.method == 'POST':
  form = UserForm(request.POST)
  if form.is_valid():
            user = form.save()
            return HttpResponseRedirect("/contact/create_db")

(r'^contact/$', views.contact),
(r'^contact/create_db$', views.do_create),

Now when i define do_create function in views.py i want to pass the arguments(user data of user form) like this:

def do_create(request, password, dbname, admin_password, confirm_password, demo_data=False, language=None, **kw):

Is this possible using django. How can this be achieved.

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All you're asking here is how to get the value of the saved user in a subsequent view.

Well, this is easy. Once the user is saved, it (like any model instance) gets a pk value. You can use this in the URL for the subsequent view.

url(r'^contact/create_db/(?P<user_id>\d+)/$', views.do_create, 'do_create'),

In contact:

from django.shortcuts import redirect


user = form.save()
return redirect('do_create', kwargs={'user_id': user.pk})

And in do_create:

def do_create(request, user_id):
    user = User.objects.get(pk=user_id)

Note the way I've passed in the URL name and arguments into redirect, rather than hard-coding the URL.

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You don't need to pass them into a view. You want to pass them into a form. And you are already doing this:

form = UserForm(request.POST)

You pass your POST data into the form. If you want to do something with this data, use form.cleaned_data dictionary after form validation. Reading docs is also a good idea.

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Acutally My question is how can i retrieve a submitted data in another function not in the same function. Note that in return HttpResponseRedirect("/contact/create_db") create_db in urls.py will use another function called do_create. It is in this do_create funtion where i will retrieve my submitted data.Sorry for my english –  Inventillect Feb 27 '12 at 8:50
@user1053786 You don't need a redirect here. Do the saving stuff in form.save method. –  DrTyrsa Feb 27 '12 at 8:54

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