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I'm a delphi developer and currently developing iPhone and iPad apps with Delphi XE2 and Firemonkey.

Apple is demanding that I consolidate all my submitted apps (about 10) in just one app and provide in-app purchase. They are very different apps, for diffent kind of users, but still, that's the way Apple reviewers want it. Filled an appeal and lost it. Nothing else I can do to avoid IAP.

There is very few information out there on firemonkey iOS apps, and could not find any of them that is related to in-app purchases.

In-app purchases use Apple's StoreKit framework, wich I believe is included on the freepascal iPhoneAll unit, but I have no clue on how to set it up and use in Pascal. No documentation about it (only for objective c).

I'm very worried that the hard work developed for the last months get wasted by inabillity to use this API from Delphi XE2 (or even Xcode on pascal source).

Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Too bad. I have no solution but I do offer sympathy for your treatment from the awful apple police. –  David Heffernan Feb 27 '12 at 7:47
Why would they inflict that to you? Are your apps variations of the same thing, or really different? –  Leonardo Herrera Feb 27 '12 at 14:18
I would just write to them and say that using the tools you are using (not XCode) You have no way to do this at this time. Apple obviously feels that it's necessary to do this store-wide, and you're just getting crushed under their wheels. As for me, I have spent ZERO hours on iOS apps, and have ZERO interest in the iOS store because of just such crap. –  Warren P Feb 27 '12 at 14:46
@Warren... it's Apple's store. You want to sell stuff in there you have to play by their rules. This is no different from any other store. The real problem is the decision by Embarcadero to "support iOS" by giving us an OpenGL canvas to draw on, and then the barest possible amount of platform specific underpinnings to get that canvas up and running. It's no wonder that the rules applied to xcode apps don't quite jive for non-xcode. With Delphi.NET (Prism) running in Visual Studio, I think FPC showed the way for iOS/OS X support by itself "running in" XCode (or being able to). –  Deltics Feb 27 '12 at 20:22
Thanks for looking into it, guys. I'm really dissapointed with their policy. Just got the result from the appeal to the app review board, via representative Steve Rea. Their decision remains unchanged. Ok, that's depressing: months of developing, following their published guidelines and they fit our apps in "spamming" just because. The apps are really very different from each other. For clarification, think of them as apps as for rocket scientists and steel builers. Very specific to an area. Apple does not seem to care that putting them together in a same app will confuse users. Too bad. –  Olecramoak Mar 5 '12 at 19:31

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Not sure if this will help, but an Embarcadero article by Anders Ohlsson has a small bit of information about the iPhoneAll unit that is in the Free Pascal Compiler.

Maybe that article might give you some ideas.

If not, Anders seems to be an expert on writing for iOS using Delphi XE2 and FireMonkey. He does not appear to be involved here at StackOverflow. So you might want to try to contact him via the Embarcadero Developer Network, or through his blog at The Hacker's Corner.

I'd like to see you succeed at this, because it's something I'm expecting I'm going to have to do someday as well. So if you do find out how to do this, please update your question by adding your solution at the end.

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Thanks for the link. Actually Anders' work is our main source of information for Delphi XE2 for iOS. I have contacted Anders (who does a lot of cool stuff for iOS) but he said he hasn't played with the StoreKit yet. Will look into header parser for insights. It's disapointing how little (not to say none) information provided by embarcadero there is about it out there. Right now I'm working on putting all the apps together on the same app (agains my will, but forced on by Apple). –  Olecramoak Mar 8 '12 at 21:52

"some alternative way" - suggestion - target jailbroken devices for now, to leverage the effort you've currently expended. (You might want to provide, documented, explanation to potential users why your apps are not available on the official app store.)

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I understand your suggestion, but we really need to "play by the rules" in this case. Our software is very technical (therefore "expensive" for appstore pattern) and not being available on the appstore may cause a bad impression. –  Olecramoak Mar 8 '12 at 21:48

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