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If I have a /repos directory and inside I have X repositories setup and running, am I able to add /repos/TeamX/Project1, /repos/TeamX/Project2, etc where TeamX is a directory and not a subversion repository? If yes, how do I setup the permissions in my configuration file?

@TeamX = rw

This is not working for me.

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Assuming you're using SVNParentPath for the /repos directory, subversion will only find repositories in immediate subdirectories of /repos. /repos/TeamX/Project1 will not be discovered by SVN if your SVNParentPath is /repos. If you're using DAV and Apache, you need a separate Location stanza and SVNParentPath for each:

<Location /svn/TeamX/>
  Dav SVN
  SVNParentPath /repos/TeamX/

<Location /svn/TeamY/>
  Dav SVN
  SVNParentPath /repos/TeamY/

Each stanza would specify its own auth file specific to that repository. For instance, the TeamX auth file could look like:

@TeamX = rw

@TeamX = r
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This is the solution I finally came up with as well and implemented. I just didn't like having 2 auth files. I have redundancies in groups this way which I do not love. – Greg Jun 4 '09 at 15:58

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