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I have a syntax in my JSTL tag file

<a href="${}" class="stackoverflow" title='<c:out value="${dmodel.dtitle}"/>

which displays the title with a hyperlink. eg. HelloWorld

But now I have a if condition in tag file

<c:if test="...">
    <c:when test="...">FISRT</c:when>
    <c:when test="...">SECOND</c:when>

I want to pre pend the result of this if constraint to the HelloWorld hyperlink which would result in FirstHelloWorld or SecondHelloWorld.. Both of them would have a href. When I try to do this, I get Second(without hyperlink)HelloWorld(with hyperlink). Could anyone help me with the syntax?

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JavaScript != Java, the two are completely different. I've fixed your question title. I'd've liked to make the title reflect the question better, but I can't tell what the question is. – T.J. Crowder Feb 27 '12 at 8:02

Put the full <a> tag in the condition, something like:

  <c:when test="condition">
    <a href="${}" class="stackoverflow" title="First ${dmodel.dtitle}"/>
  <c:when test="other condition">
    <a href="${}" class="stackoverflow" title="Second ${dmodel.dtitle}"/>

In JSTL you can simply concatenate String by putting them next to each other.

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