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i have set multiple approximate alerts in application. i set notifications in this way :

private void addProximityAlert(double latitude, double longitude) {


            LatLonPair latLon;
            for(int i = 0; i < mPositions.size(); i++) {
                latLon = mPositions.get(i);
                Intent intent = new Intent(PROXIMTY_ALERT_INTENT);
                intent.putExtra(ProximityIntentReceiver.EVENT_ID_INTENT_EXTRA, i);
                PendingIntent proximityIntent = PendingIntent.getBroadcast(this, i, intent, 0);
                locationManager.addProximityAlert(latLon.getLatitude(), latLon.getLongitude(), radius, expiration,  proximityIntent);// alerts set here.
                IntentFilter filter = new IntentFilter(PROXIMTY_ALERT_INTENT);
                registerReceiver(new ProximityIntentReceiver(), filter);            


        catch(Exception ex){


all stored location register for proximity Alert at once .now what happened there when one notification is fire and keep firing again again in given radius. i need to help that how i can remove Alert that has fired once do not give notification again and again when device is still in define radius.

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in ProximityIntentReceiver unregister the receiver, so that it won't be called again.

See unregisterReceiver

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if i use unregisterReceiver then my All intent will remove which not fire yet .? –  Bibi Tahira Feb 27 '12 at 16:05

The problem is not removing the alerts. The problem is that you are registering the receiver several times. Do it only once.

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