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I have to dynamically call a list of methods on an object obj. I am trying to instantiate a method object and then call it.

method_name (a string) is a name of a method which can be called on object obj.

meth=obj.method(method_name) #method_name is a string
meth.call = mod

I am getting the following error:

undefined method `call=' for # (NoMethodError)

I am using Sequel ORM and have to save model associations dynamically. If I directly call method_name (when method_name is not a string) the following is working

obj.method_name = mod #working

However, when method_name is a string, the following is giving a syntax error:

obj.send(method_name) = mod #not working

syntax error, unexpected '=', expecting keyword_end

So I am not able to call the methods from their name in string form using any of the above ways.

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If the method named method_name takes the mod parameter try:

obj.send(method_name, mod)

If you are assigning something, then method_name should end with =.

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The correct syntax for call is

call(args, ...)


(Don't put = after call, just list the arguemnts separated by commas)

Also Ingenu's method, is also a good way (probably better) of doing similar thing.

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