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I can declare empty list as [ ] But, how can I declare empty tuple ?

I have tried ;

for ( , ) 
ghci>(1,0 ) : [(,)] 

, it gives error

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A tuple is a type that is always the same length and always has the same types. So (Int, Int) is a different type from (Int, Int, Int) and a different type from (Int, String).

With this in mind, you could have an empty tuple. However, this would just be a type with a single value. This type is written as () and pronounced "unit". The only value of this type is also ().

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Note that (,) and friends act as functions.

ghci> (,) 2 3

Lists have two constructors: [] and :, which gives them the possibility of emptiness ([] representing "empty"). Tuples, however, only have one constructor each. (,) is the only constructor for the two-tuple type, meaning that tuples do not provide the possibility of emptiness. Whenever you have a two-tuple, you are guaranteed that it actually has two elements in it.

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