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I've got an image that I want to display as it does on the x-axis but I don't want the repeating property on the y-axis:

enter image description here

The I'd like the image to be displayed not as the background since I want another image as the background image. Is that possible and if yes, how?

My CSS and HTML are:

BODY {background-image: url(/welcome/static/images/register_top2.png); background-position: center top; repeat-x; no repeat-y }
#content {
  width: 700px ;
  margin: 180  auto;

#content-container {
  width: 700px ;
  margin-left: 180px;  
#image-logo {
  float: right;
.has_errors { border: 1px solid #ff0000 }
.errors {color: #ff0000;}

      <!DOCTYPE hml>
                                <head>  <link rel="stylesheet" href="/welcome/static/css/register.css"/>

                                <STYLE TYPE="text/css">


                                        <title>{% trans %}Register new distributor{% endtrans %}</title>      <script type="text/javascript" src="/welcome/static/js/jquery-1.7.1.js"></script>

        <script type="text/javascript" src="/welcome/static/js/jquery.popupWindow.js"></script>

<div id="content"><img src="/welcome/static/images/reg-reg3.gif">
  <div id="content-container">

                                <form action="{{action}}" method="post">


                                                 <label>{% trans %}Soc security number{% endtrans %}</label></td><td>{{ form.soc_sec(size='10', maxlength='10')}}({% trans %}YYMMDDXXXX{% endtrans %})</td></tr>

                                                {% if form.soc_sec.errors %}<tr><td></td><td> <div class="red">
        <ul class="errors">{% for error in form.soc_sec.errors %}<li>{{ error }}</li>{% endfor %}</ul></div></td></tr>
    {% endif %}


 <label for="start">{% trans %}Your sponsor's ID{% endtrans %}</label></td><td>

                         <input id="log1" {% if form.sponsor_id.errors %}class="has_errors "{% endif %} maxlength="3" name="sponsor_id-log1" size="3" type="text" value="{% if form.sponsor_id.log1.data %}{{form.sponsor_id.log1.data}}{% endif %}" />

                       <input id="log2" {% if form.sponsor_id.errors %}class="has_errors "{% endif %} maxlength="3" name="sponsor_id-log2" size="3" type="text" value="{% if form.sponsor_id.log2.data %}{{form.sponsor_id.log2.data}}{% endif %}" />
                        <input id="log3" {% if form.sponsor_id.errors %}class="has_errors "{% endif %} maxlength="3" name="sponsor_id-log3" size="3" type="text" value="{% if form.sponsor_id.log3.data %}{{form.sponsor_id.log3.data}}{% endif %}" />
               <input id="log4" {% if form.sponsor_id.errors %}class="has_errors "{% endif %} maxlength="3" name="sponsor_id-log4" size="3" type="text" value="{% if form.sponsor_id.log4.data %}{{form.sponsor_id.log4.data}}{% endif %}" />

               (<a class="open_dialog" href="/static/sponsor-id.html">{% trans %}What is a sponsor ID{% endtrans %}?</a>)</td><td></tr>

{% if form.sponsor_id.log1.errors %}

<tr><td></td><td> <div class="red">
        <ul class="errors">{% for error in form.sponsor_id.log1.errors %}<li>{{ error }}</li>{% endfor %}</ul></div></td></tr>
    {% endif %}

                                                <label>Email</label></td><td> {{ form.email(size='22', maxlength='60')}}  </td></tr>

{% if form.email.errors %}<tr><td></td><td> <div class="red">
        <ul class="errors">{% for error in form.email.errors %}<li>{{ error }}</li>{% endfor %}</ul></div></td></tr>
    {% endif %}

 <label>{% trans %}First name{% endtrans %}</label></td><td>{{ form.firstname(size='22', maxlength='60')}}</td></tr>

{% if form.firstname.errors %}<tr><td></td><td> <div class="red">
        <ul class="errors">{% for error in form.firstname.errors %}<li>{{ error }}</li>{% endfor %}</ul></div></td></tr>
    {% endif %}

 <label>{% trans %}Last name{% endtrans %}</label></td><td>{{ form.lastname(size='22', maxlength='60')}}</td></tr>

{% if form.lastname.errors %}<tr><td></td><td> <div class="red">
        <ul class="errors">{% for error in form.lastname.errors %}<li>{{ error }}</li>{% endfor %}</ul></div></td></tr>
    {% endif %}

 <label>{% trans %}Address{% endtrans %}</label></td><td>{{ form.address(size='22', maxlength='60')}}</td></tr>

{% if form.address.errors %}<tr><td></td><td> <div class="red">
        <ul class="errors">{% for error in form.address.errors %}<li>{{ error }}</li>{% endfor %}</ul></div></td></tr>
    {% endif %}

<label>{% trans %}Zip code{% endtrans %}</label></td><td>{{ form.zipcode(size='22', maxlength='60')}}</td></tr>

{% if form.zipcode.errors %}<tr><td></td><td> <div class="red">
        <ul class="errors">{% for error in form.zipcode.errors %}<li>{{ error }}</li>{% endfor %}</ul></div></td></tr>
    {% endif %}

<label>{% trans %}City{% endtrans %}</label></td><td>{{ form.city(size='22', maxlength='60')}}</td></tr>

{% if form.city.errors %}<tr><td></td><td> <div class="red">
        <ul class="errors">{% for error in form.city.errors %}<li>{{ error }}</li>{% endfor %}</ul></div></td></tr>
    {% endif %}

<label>{% trans %}Phone{% endtrans %}</label></td><td>{{ form.phone(size='22', maxlength='60')}}</td></tr>

{% if form.phone.errors %}<tr><td></td><td> <div class="red">
        <ul class="errors">{% for error in form.phone.errors %}<li>{{ error }}</li>{% endfor %}</ul></div></td></tr>
    {% endif %}


                                        <button>{% trans %}Next{% endtrans %}</button>
                                </form> </div>
 <img id="image-logo" src="/welcome/static/images/snabbreg002.jpg" />

</div><script type="text/javascript"> 
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Write like this:

body {
  background-image: url(/welcome/static/images/register_top2.png); 
  background-position: center top;

OR you can write like this also:

body {
      background: url(/welcome/static/images/register_top2.png) center top repeat-x; 
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Thanks that works. –  Programmer 400 Feb 27 '12 at 12:00
background: #FFF url('/welcome/static/images/register_top2.png') fixed repeat-x center top;
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To repeat a background image horizontally only, use the css rule

background-repeat: repeat-x;

Only the background can be repeated using css so if you want two backgrounds, you can apply one background to the body and an horizontal background to the div#content for instance.


You can also use CSS3 to set multiple background images on the same container. The syntax is very easy, simply use comma-separated properties for the background css rules. The first image is the top image:

    background-image: url(banner.jpg), url(background.gif);
    background-position: center top; 
    background-repeat: repeat-x, repeat;

In the above example, the image "banner.jpg" will be repeated only horizontally and be on top, the image "background.gif" will be repeated throughout the page underneath the horizontal banner.


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