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I have been attempting to hide the contained items of a Page content type. I have been manipulating the placement.info file in my theme but I am not seeing the results I would expect.

Here's my bruit-force attempt:

  <Match Path="/about">
    <Match ContentType="Page">
      <Match DisplayType="Detail">
        <Place Parts_Common_ContentItems="-"/>
        <Place Parts_Container_Contained="-"/>
        <Place Parts_Container_Contained_Summary="-"/>
        <Place Parts_Container_List="-"/>

I have scoured StackOverflow for the answer and I have used the Shape Tracing module to give me direction on designing my placement.info file but I still seem to be missing something.

Any pointers are appreciated! Thanks.

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What exactly do you want to hide? What is the definition of your Page content type? By default, the Page content type does not contain a Container part... –  Falanwe Feb 27 '12 at 16:38
Thank you for your reply. I added the container and containable part to the Page content type. The concept is to allow pages to have child pages. So I might want my /about page to have child pages at /about/team and /about/contact. However, I don't always want to display the contained item summaries. Rather, I would like to put links to these pages in my menus. –  JazerB Feb 27 '12 at 18:25

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I'd say don't put it in the container if you don't want it to appear in there. You might also want to check out taxonomies, that provide a much better and flexible approach to classifying your contents.

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I was considering that. Thanks for the pointer! –  JazerB Feb 28 '12 at 20:40

You cannot hide the content of a container using only Placement.info because the list is rendered by its own controller (Orchard.Core.Containers.Controllers.ItemController) instead of using a shape in the standard orchard shape rendering sytem.

However you may use your own (very simple) controller to build a display without this child list.

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