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I have a strange issue with jQuery Mobile wrapped in Phonegap on iOS. My app consists of two pages, the second page being AJAX-loaded. On both pages I have images with a relative source like this

<img src="../images/myImage.png" />

On the first page, the image is displayed correctly. On the second page, the image is not found.


I checked the src of both images with Weinre. It seems like Phonegap uses the data-url of the jQuery Mobile page div as prefix to the relative source. This works on page 1


but not on page 2


Why does Phonegap use the data-url on iOS?


What confuses me is that this problem only occurs in iOS Phonegap. It works fine in any browser and in Android Phonegap. It is a very basic "Hello World" like app with a standard jQuery Mobile page.


I tried using the base tag, didn't work. I tried setting up the project again from scratch, didn't work. Any ideas?

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I found the answer myself. Apparently jQuery Mobile identifies linked resources as external, if they don't have a file name suffix like ".html". My files were named without any suffixes.

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