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This is the first time I am trying to deploy my django project (myproject) on Webfaction.

My project dir-structure is as follows:

  1. In webapps/django: myproject.wsgi, myproject
  2. is at myproject/src/myproject/

Under such circumstances, how should I define DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE in myproject.wsgi?

For the default installation by webfaction, it is defined as myproject.settings. Should I be defining DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE as myproject.src.myproject.settings?

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placing wsgi file at myproject/src and defining DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE to 'myproject.settings' did the trick. –  vkb001 Mar 2 '12 at 17:48

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When you setup a Django project on webfaction, you get a file structure like so:

~ (your home directory)
                -standard django files
                -other dirs

If you are building your project under "myproject", you should not have to modify the wsgi file to get started- just change to the apache2/bin directory and run ./start and you're good to go! If you change the wsgi file you'll need to run ./stop then ./start to activate the changes.

If the path you listed isn't working, it may be worth trying to create a generic django project and just puaste your project right over 'myproject'

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It seems like your service provider has already given you some helpful instructions:

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