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It is possible to define (client-side): now.function = function(){console.log('test');}

... that is called by server using: everyone.function() - but can it be executed on specific client's browser only (using something like: everyone.onlyThisClient.function())?

It is possible to do that using this.now.function() in some cases (nowjs.on('connect'(...) for example) - but is it possible to do the same thing "outside" any other nowjs function/object?

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You could in a higher scope have a array of now objects, and run nows.push(this.now) in the connect handler. Then you can access a specific now object anywhere. –  pimvdb Feb 27 '12 at 10:08

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I solved the issue by passing the clientId parameter and use it to call a function for specific user.

everyone.now.userRegister = function(params)
    user.register(everyone, this.user.clientId, params);


var register = function(everyone, clientId, params)
    nowjs.getClient(clientId, function()

exports.register = register;

Note - this is just one approach to execute function "locally". It's also possible to pass a callback function and execute it - this way it is not necessary to use nowJS to run the after-something event.

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