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I'm looking for one those to help me in my fight against Visual Studio's propension to bollock up markup code in ASP.NET pages (especially when coming back from design view.)

I might be old-fashioned, but I like be able to tell at a glance which element nests in which.

Or, alternately, is there an option to turn that feature (markup formatting) on and off in VS2005?


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You can customize it pretty heavily in Tools > Options > Text Editor > HTML. Then do a Format Document (Ctrl-K, Ctrl-D) to have it align to your settings.

Is there an option missing in the settings that you need?

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I'll be darned! I never knew this shortcut (and thus, wondered what were those settings (in Tools > Options > Text Editor ) good for, since they never were appllied! Thank you very much! –  Pinpin Sep 18 '08 at 17:52

I would also suggest avoiding the Design view like the plague. I have had it not only mess up formatting, but mess up code as well. Just make sure you have setup your options the way you want them and reformat the file if it gets out of sync.

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Just out of curiosity: are you using VS.NET or 2003? I haven't seen it messing code since I've installed VS2005. –  Pinpin Sep 18 '08 at 19:35
Well, I'm working largely on old assumptions. I haven't used Designer mode in years, so I can't say that it has happened recently. –  lordscarlet Sep 18 '08 at 21:16

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