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Can anyone show me, how to use shell command result in Perl script ?

system ('cd /var/home/'.$whoami.'/htdocs');
print $whoami;

Script output

[user1@srv _1]$ ./
sh: line 1: /htdocs: No such file or directory

I want to change dir to /var/home/user1/htdocs

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please note that none of the solutions (and your corrected code) will change the working directory of your program!! – pavel Feb 27 '12 at 13:22
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print "$whoiami";

chomp $whoiami;
system ("cd /home/$whoiami/reports");

print $whoiami;
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Thx, i forgot about chomp %) – user1194977 Feb 27 '12 at 12:29

$whoami contains the endline character \n, which causes your command string to look like:

cd /var/home/user1

You should use chomp to delete the trailing newline from $whoami:

my $whoami = `whoami`;
chomp $whoami;
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This can be accomplished w/o shelling out:

my $dir = '/home/'.getlogin().'/htdocs';
chdir $dir;
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