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I want to replace the spaces surrounded by digits or numbers by -.

so if my string is I am Bob 12 12 This should get transformed to I am Bob 12-12.

Please suggest some possible answers using Java.

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str = str.replaceAll("(?<=\\d)\\s(?=\\d)", "-");

This looks for a space (\\s) preceded by a digit ((?<=\\d)) and followed by a digit ((?=\\d)), and replaces that space with a dash.

If you want to replace groups of consecutive spaces, change \\s to \\s+.

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A non-regexp solution:

String in = "I am Bob 12 12";
int last = in.length()-1;
StringBuilder resultBuilder = new StringBuilder();
resultBuilder.append(in.charAt(0));  // assumes, the String has at least one char

for (int i = 1; i < last-1; i++) {
  if (in.charAt(i) == ' ' && 
        Character.isDigit(in.charAt(i-1)) && 
        Character.isDigit(in.charAt(i+1))) {
  } else {
// System.out.println(resultBuilder);
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Why on earth would you want a "non-regex" solution that takes a dozen lines and isn't very readable, when a regex solution is perfectly suited, easy to read, and takes only one line? Boo! –  Bohemian Feb 27 '12 at 11:21
;) readability is worth a (separate) discussion. Personally, I hate looking at undocumented regexp and trying to find out, what the hell the author wanted to tell us and why it isn't working with my sample strings :D –  Andreas_D Feb 27 '12 at 11:32

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