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Any one know of a way to only select visible nodes / children not those that are hidden & unchecked. For example

[x] Parent
    [x] Child - Visible / checked
    [x] Child - Visible /checked
    [ ] Child - hidden / unchecked - even possible to be checked due to parent
    [ ] Child - hidden / unchecked

If you check or uncheck the [x] Parent it checks / unchecked ALL children (visible and hidden). I only want it to check / uncheck (i.e. change the state of) those that are visible and NOT hidden.

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance

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The only solution I found was a jQuery one. I gave each node on construction (in php) a class 'aNode' and 'selectable' (if visible) then iterate through all children as followed

$.each($('#mytree.jstree-checked'), function(i, v){


            //found a node that is both selectable (not hidden) and checked
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