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Hey guys i'm trying to create a window which opens up when i click a particular numbers of a table column in the main document and corresponding to that the rows in that column open up in a different window. The script to delete the rows in the main document is working but the same script does not seem to work in the window that opens up. I dont know what the problem is.Please help me out here.Thanks.

 Window = window.open('','W1','width=700,height=500');
//Window.document.write("<style type='text/css'>table,th,tr{ cellspacing=0;border-    collapse:collapse;border-radius:5px;-moz-border-radius:5px;}</style>");

Window.document.write('<table id="T1" border="1" ><th width="60">S,no.</th><th  width="110">Name</th><th width="110">Op Name</th><th width="110">ID</th><th width="110">Synonym record numbers</th><th width="60">Total Duplicity weight</th><th></th></table>');
 Window.document.write("<button type=\"button\" value=\"delal\" id=\"delal\" name=\"delal\" onclick=\"delall()\">Delete checked</button>");
 Window.document.getElementById('T1').innerHTML += F+M;
Window.document.write('<script type="text/javascript">function deleteRow1(i)  {if(confirm("Confirm to Delete??")document.getElementById("T1").deleteRow(i);}function delall(){if(confirm("Are you sure you want to delete the selected rows?")){crows=document.getElementsByName("delcheck");for (i = 0; i<crows.length;i++){if(crows[i].checked){document.getElementById("T1").deleteRow(crows[i].parentNode.parentNode.rowIndex);i--;}}}</script>');
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what is the output in the new window? –  Aram Kocharyan Feb 27 '12 at 11:19
Set your ending SCRIPT-tag in document.write like this: <\/SCRIPT>, otherwise the original script will stop. –  Teemu Feb 27 '12 at 11:22

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Debugged last line:

Window.document.write('<script type="text/javascript">function deleteRow1(i)  {if(confirm("Confirm to Delete??"))document.getElementById("T1").deleteRow(i);}function delall(){if(confirm("Are you sure you want to delete the selected rows?")){crows=document.getElementsByName("delcheck");for (i = 0; i<crows.length;i++){if(crows[i].checked){document.getElementById("T1").deleteRow(crows[i].parentNode.parentNode.rowIndex);i--;}}}}<\/script>');

Notice also JamieJag's answer, and my comment to that answer. That means, that you have to build up the whole HTML-page by script, using closing tags too. And when you have the stylesheet, you can also remove all inner style settings, and also put in the document.write the ìnnerHTML. These are not going to work anyway during page parsing.

Finally add the last line to the script: Window.document.close();

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You seem to be missing a bracket for a start:

{if(confirm("Confirm to Delete??")document

should be

{if(confirm("Confirm to Delete??"))document

Haven't checked the rest of the code, but if it contains syntax errors (this and possibly others) then obviously it won't run.

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You might also want to add basic HTML tags, like <html> and <body> before <table>

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+<HEAD> where to put the out-commented stylesheet. –  Teemu Feb 27 '12 at 12:16

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