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I am going trough Facebook developer pages looking for right answer but all seems so confusing there and I just can't figure out the right (and easiest) thing I need. So if anyone can provide a simple answer or www link on what I need to know here is my question: I need to post things (photos and/or text) to our Facebook brand page wall from a Desktop application.

I know I can send an email to email address assigned to our brand page, but I don't want to go this way. Is there another way of posting photos to Facebook brand pages? If yes how and what are the requirements.

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you need to get access_token for the page; then use the token to post as if you were posting to a regular facebook user's feed - here's info on how to get page access_token Facebook: post image and description to wall and in page album via php

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So to do this I will need to create a Facebook canvas app? Is this truly necessary? I don't want to have Canvas application ... – Primoz Rome Feb 27 '12 at 12:02
well that's just one way to do it; you won't need to keep the canvas app, its purpose is only to give you an access_token with manage_pages,offline_access,publish_stream permissions which you'll need in step #4. If you can get this token for the page's admin user you can go directly to step #4. Once you get to<access_token> the access_token values you get for the pages you administer are in no way connected to the canvas app you created in #1 – scibuff Feb 27 '12 at 13:21

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