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I want to create image object when user selecting a file from html page.

How can i create image object for dynamic images. Can anybody share me the sample snippet .

Thanks in advance

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  • You can create an img element like any other element: createElement. (There's also new Image() which is pretty much the same thing, just a legacy mechanism.)

  • You can set its source by setting the src property, which can be a file:// URL the user supplies...

  • ...or you can let them choose via an input type="file" element if their browser supports using the File API; see my answer to this other question for getting access to image data that way.

  • You can put the img element in the document by appending it to whatever other element you want to append it to, via appendChild or related methods.

  • You can find an existing element using getElementById, getElementsByTagName, etc., or (on most browsers but not all) querySelector / querySelectorAll.

In addition the various specifications linked inline above, you may also find the new work-in-progress HTML5 specification useful.

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The following code will create an empty image object and it will set its src.

var img = new Image();
img.src = "";

We are unable to identify your question & the purpose. please make a jsfiddle with minimum test case. Or explain your question clearly.

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