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Problem: iPhone screen mirroring & a dedicated external view of my app show an inch of a black border on all sides.

But: Some views display perfect without black borders on the full-screen, e.g., the Apple TV menu and the photo app.

Tried already - with no effect:

Setup: iPhone 4S (5.0.1), Apple TV 2nd generation (4.4.4)

Any suggestions what I could try additionally?

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Ran into the same issue and it took a while to find the 'solution'. Turns out you can set the overscanCompensation to '3' and it will remove the borders.

I think Apple just left out the documentation & enum for UIScreenOverscanCompensationNone, but that down in the code they check for it.

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(y) Worked for me! Thanks! Indeed when I go back to the app chooser, the apple tv snaps down to "safe scan" area again, and snaps big again when my app is again forward. +1. –  david van brink Jan 9 '14 at 4:42

If you also have black borders during AirPlay Mirroring the answer Of MobileVet won't solve that. Try changing the following setting on your Apple TV: Settings > Audio & Video > Adjust For AirPlay Overscan. Set it to Off (default On).

And btw: doesn't 3 just mean UIScreenOverscanCompensationInsetBounds | UIScreenOverscanCompensationApplicationFrame (1 + 2) ?

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