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There are two tables:
poducts [id, name, etc..] and specs [id, product_id, spec_name, spec_value],
I'm using a form to edit the product (/products/edit/332 for example)
In the form i wan to add (it's associated and i can access it in the view) the specs. which are a list of records from the specs table.

is it possible to create the specs as inputs in the same form? also, i would like to enable the feature of "add new spec".


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For saving related model data, you can use saveAll:


And your inputs in Product form:

echo $form->input('Spec.0.spec_name');
echo $form->input('Spec.0.spec_value');

If you need more inputs, just increase the 0 value.

More information:

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three problems: 1) saveAll can save only flat structure of data, multiple records from same model or a single, associated record. 2) the model.number.field_name is great with new records, not with editing them since the id is not present. 3) i'm using cakephp v1.3 – yossi Feb 27 '12 at 14:54
1) Product and Spec is not hasMany association? 2) My suggestion for update: bring data for specs inputs but when save, delete all specs in beforeSave for saving again since you don't know if the user deleted or added a Spec field in the form. 3) Sorry, I did not see the version before. But the syntax is nearly the same. – Paulo Rodrigues Feb 27 '12 at 15:40

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