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I would like to integrate an existing, external application with Facebook using Mobile Web method and its authenticated referrals as well as to be able to redirect user (incoming from a different place) to Facebook login page. I do not want it to be embedded in Facebook page.

If I understand correctly how the authenticated referrals work, I must somehow reach the authentication dialog which will redirect me to the Mobile Web URL, which I specified in the application configuration.

Additional information: I would like to avoid making the application public until it is ready, so I have set the Sandbox Mode setting to Enabled.

How to get the URL, with which I will be able to test authenticated referrals?

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You can land at your game's Mobile Web URL page using following steps:

  • Switch your user agent to iPhone or other mobile.
  • Go to the page.
  • Press the "identity" icon in the top left edge of the screen to show the bookmarks menu.
  • Look for the application in the Apps section.
  • Press the application bookmark.

Above procedure worked for me. My user was an admin of the project but it will probably work also for devs and testers (just a guess).

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