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What can I do to retrieve a conditional variable from inside a function in the webpage being parsed by greasemonkey?

Something like this:

var myglobal = 5;

function myfunc() {
    myglobal = myglobal -1;
    if (myglobal == -1) {
        var this1 = 'Test';
        document.getElementById("mybutton").href = this1;

In this case I would like to read what is in 'this1', either directly or modifying 'myglobal', calling 'myfunc' and somehow getting the value of href from 'mybutton'... any ideas?

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Just get the href value: document.getElementById("mybutton").href. What's the problem? –  Felix Kling Feb 27 '12 at 14:25
myfunc is a counter, and I want to skip it, otherwise mybutton.href won't be set yet. Also, don't I need to use unsafeWindow to access it? –  bloodyshade Feb 27 '12 at 14:29
fyi: javascript variables are declared at the top of the scope (hoisted), this1 is actually existent throughout the whole of myfunc() [see: "javascript hoisting"] –  ckozl Feb 27 '12 at 14:31

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You usually can't get a variable value from outside a scope like that, but you may not have to in this case.

"myfunc is a counter, and I want to skip it, otherwise mybutton.href won't be set yet."

Based on the sample code, you might be able to cheat that timer just by using:

unsafeWindow.myglobal = 0;

(In fact, I use this exact technique on one very misguided training site.)

To answer the stated question further, you cannot get dynamic values from within such a scope but the initial state may be enough, as it appears to be for this question.

So you could get myfunc()s code and parse it with regex to obtain the desired value:

var theFunc     = unsafeWindow.myfunc.toString ();
var desiredHref = theFunc.match (/var\s+this1\s*=\s*["']([^"']+)["']/);
if (desiredHref.length > 1) {
    // Found!
    desiredHref = desiredHref[1];
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