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I'm using the Trickl-Cluster project to cluster my data set and Colt to memorize the data objects in matrices .

After executing this code

import cern.colt.matrix.DoubleMatrix2D;
import cern.colt.matrix.impl.DenseDoubleMatrix2D;
import com.trickl.cluster.KMeans;

DoubleMatrix2D dm1 = new DenseDoubleMatrix2D(3, 3);
dm1.setQuick(0, 0, 5.9);
dm1.setQuick(0, 1, 1.6);
dm1.setQuick(0, 2, 18.0);
dm1.setQuick(1, 0, 2.0);
dm1.setQuick(1, 1, 3.5);
dm1.setQuick(1, 2, 20.3);
dm1.setQuick(2, 0, 11.5);
dm1.setQuick(2, 1, 100.5);
dm1.setQuick(2, 2,6.5);
System.out.println (dm1);

KMeans km = new KMeans();
km.cluster(dm1 ,1);
DoubleMatrix2D dm11 = km.getPartition();
System.out.println (dm11);
DoubleMatrix2D dm111 = km.getMeans();
System.out.println (dm111); 

I had the following output

3 x 3 matrix
5.9   1.6 18  
2     3.5 20.3
11.5 100.5  6.5

3 x 1 matrix

3 x 1 matrix

Following the algorithm steps , it's strange when one expects 1 cluster and has 3 means The documentation is not so clear about that specific point .

This is the definition of the method Cluster according to the java doc of the project

void cluster(cern.colt.matrix.DoubleMatrix2D data, int clusters) 

So logically speaking the int clusters represents the number of the expected clusters after K-means terminates.

Have you any idea about the relation between the outputs of K-means class in the project and the K-means algorithm expected results?

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Just a stab in the dark, but shouldn't you be using more than 1 as the input value to the cluster method? Otherwise wouldn't you just get a cluster that has the smallest distance to all the data points (i.e. the center)? Isn't the point of K-means to partition a data set between several cluster points? – Emil H Feb 27 '12 at 14:33
Yes I've experienced 1 as input value on purpose . Because with only one cluster , only one mean should be as an output whereas you see clearly that there are 3 means . – ML_TN Feb 27 '12 at 14:50
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This is one 3-dimensional mean. If you put in three-dimensional data, you get out three-dimensional means.

Note that running k-means with k=1 is absolutely nonsensical, as it will simply compute the mean of the data set:

(5.9+2+11.5) / 3 = 6.466667
(1.6+3.5+100.5) / 3 = 35.2
(18+20.3+6.5) / 3 = 14.933333

The result is obviously correct.

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I know that 1 cluster makes no sense , In a previous comment I said that I did that on purpose . You answer was very helpful . Thank You – ML_TN Feb 27 '12 at 20:34

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