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It is common that (game)clients establish a p2p connection to reduce the latency and the load on the server.

But how do they do that?

Here an example: I open my League of Legends client. Press on "Play". Then my client sends the request to the server to find a game. Then the server responds with a list of players (ip addresses?). My client now connects to each player to reduce the ping.

And this is what confuses me. I and many other players are sitting behind a NAT. So maschines from the internet can only send data to my computer if i forward a port on my router or when i send data to a accessible server (open a website, send a request to the game server).

Me and my opponent have the ip address of each other but we can't connect to each other because our routers are blocking the connection.

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Wikipedia has a description of UDP hole punching which gives you an idea how it can be done. The article has some additional links. If nothing else works, the peers have to use a relay.

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do other services like xbox live or torrent use the same technique? –  Shylux Feb 29 '12 at 8:07
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