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I'm trying to get diff to output only the name of the modified files. I tried to use the -q option but it's still giving me too much output :

What i get now is this :

files path/to/file1/file1 and path/to/file2/file2 are different

And i would like this :


Any ideas on how to do this ?

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Use the exit status of diff:

if ! diff -q file1 file2 >/dev/null; then echo file1; fi
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+1, though that doesn't work with diff -r; you'd have to combine it with find to check each file in a huge list. –  Wes Hardaker Feb 27 '12 at 23:41
thx I didn't notice the plural (files) –  Karoly Horvath Feb 28 '12 at 9:11

You could do: diff -q file1 file2 | cut -f2 -d' '

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You can always pipe it to something else, such as:

# diff ... | sed 's/^files //;s/ and .*//;'

However, note that if you have a file with a literal " and " in it, then the above will cause a problem. Generally I encourage people not to use spaces in file names anyway. Yes you can do it, but yes it still causes problems.

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Similar to Wes's answer:

echo "files path/to/file1/file1 and path/to/file2/file2 are different" | sed -e "s/^files //" -e "s/ and .*$//"


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Another option is to use cmp --silent instead of diff -q. This sends nothing to stdout, so you only need to deal with the exit status.

For example:

file1=path/to/file1/file1; cmp --silent $file1 path/to/file2/file2 || echo $file1

The exit status of cmp is the same as diff (0 if inputs are the same and 1 if different).

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