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Excuse me for the green question, but what exactly are my limitations as an open source project on github ? is there any restriction as to the nature of my app or it just means that the code is available for all ?

if my app is a website for a small business - selling various products are there any legal implications i should be aware of ?

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If you app as you said is for your small business everyone else can use your site with the open-source license you publish it with. So basically your site will be "free" to you for other. If you do not have a db your information in the html files will also be open-source. Take a look at Github's Terms of service before using it http://help.github.com/terms-of-service/

If you want free hosted private repositories you can try https://bitbucket.org/ for example. Or if you want to host it your self you can use http://gitorious.org/ which itself is open-source.

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Provided your usage of GitHub services and the Content of your repository comply with GitHub terms of Service, there should be no problem.

The Terms of Services do not currently show any restriction about the licencing of Your Content.

For instance, RavenDb is a dual licenced (FOSS/Commercial) product which code is hosted at GitHub. You can take a look at the licence here.

Please note that "GitHub reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Service from time to time without notice".

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