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I have a form that displays inputs for 2 models, I am using accepts_nested_attributes_for.

In my main model that has the accepts_nested_attributes_for, it looks like:

class Account <
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :primary_user ...

Now in my form, I have a form_for on the @account, and then have fields_for the primary_user model.

If I hit submit, for some reason all the errors for the primary_user are displayed first. I would rather have the errors display in the same order as the input fields on the web page.

  1. Is this possible to re-order them according how they are ordered in my form_for?

  2. Also, the error messages have 'primary username cannot be black', is it possible for me to change it to 'username cannot be blank'? I don't really need to confuse the end user with the word 'primary' as it really doesn't make sense to them, its more of an internal thing.

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Not sure about the re-ordering but you can change the message for a model validations as follows:

validates :username,  presence: { message: "Username cannot be blank" }
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