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I want a boolean assigned to a method so then depending on the ouput of that method i know whether to execute a following method or not, but it does not seem to like the way i am doing it.

Code is below

   bool ok = (boost::regex_match(str1,string_matcher))
                  DCS_LOG_DEBUG("Correct Number of Passengers");
                  output.push_back("Correct Number of Passengers\n");
                  DCS_LOG_DEBUG("2nd loop done 1");

                  a = st[0];
                  boost::regex const string_matcher1(splitMask[1]);
                      DCS_LOG_DEBUG("Correct format for surnamce");
                      output.push_back("Correct format for surnamce\n");
                      DCS_LOG_DEBUG("2nd loop done 4");
                      DCS_LOG_DEBUG("Invalid format for surname");
                      output.push_back("Invalid format for surname\n");
                      DCS_LOG_DEBUG("2nd loop done 5");

What am i doing wrong there or is it not possible? would be happy for any help :)

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You are missing an if:

if (boost::regex_match(str1,string_matcher))

{ ...


bool ok = boost::regex_match(str1,string_matcher);

if (ok)
{ ...
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