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My company requires specific comment header blocks at the top of a file, prior to class definitions, and methods.

I'm using the Regexp in the config file to validate the file header comments. If there is a nonJavaDoc comment before a class or method, can I access the text?

My clunky solution is to get a CTOR_DEF or METHOD_DEF, then get the line number...then get the filecontents...find the line, then try to backup to the comment header.

Is there a way to get the text of nonJavaDoc comments in context? Thanks.

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Checkstyle project is considering to add support for Comments validation , please support proposals at!topic/checkstyle/VEVFDsZKLzg – Roman Ivanov Feb 10 '14 at 1:21

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Your clunky approach is the only viable one. I would suggest that you can use the method FileContents.getCppComments() to get a map of all C++ comments in a file.

You may also find the method FileContents.lineIsComment() is useful.

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