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i am new to LibGDX
i'm building a game and i have an animated background that has about 10 seconds of animation (250 frames aprox.) since it's useless to try and build a sprite sheet for this (large background of course) is there a way to render video files are png sequence to a texture so i can have my animated background drawn in the game?

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There are currently no built-in support in libgdx for rendering videos.You may want to submit a feature request on their issues page. Anyhow, if you choose to implement this yourself then you can take a look at using FFMpeg+OpenGL ES from this blog post. This will not be cross-platform unless of course you also implement a desktop version and maybe even extend libgdx yourself.

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If your idea is to put a texture on background and render the image and timely replace it to give the animation frame, then a good start is having a look here: How to draw a texture into a quad with OpenGL ES 2?

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