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In my jsp, there is a EXTJS component called CheckColumn. Like this:

var primaryFundingAccountColumn = new Ext.grid.CheckColumn({
header: '<spring:message javaScriptEscape="true" code="label.account.primary"/>',
dataIndex: 'index',
width: 50,
fixed : true,
menuDisabled : true,
align: 'center',
headerId: 'header1'

Now when this is added to a grid, on top of the column, there is a checkbox which basically has a function of 'Select All'. On my column, I do not wish to give a Select All Feature. Is there a way to disable it? I tried by removing the headerId attribute which I thought would remove the checkbox from the header. But that did not work.

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You must be providing your grid with a CheckboxSelectionModel config.
In this CheckboxSelectionModel config, set header:'<div>&nbsp;</div>' to get rid of the 'select all checkbox' and its functionality.

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Thank you very much. You saved me a lot of time. Appreciate your help very much sir. – Victor Feb 27 '12 at 21:06

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