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Running Linux, Apache, PHP 5.3 with FastCGI Handler.

Is it possible to find out the script that is being executed for a linux process? I've been searching on google and haven't been able to find anything useful.

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pstree | grep php
ps aux | grep php
ps xuww | grep php
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In one SSH window:

telnet localhost 80

In another, find out the port number:

lsof -p `pidof telnet`

Then, to find out the process:

netstat -nap | grep {port}

And finally:

strace -o /tmp/output -f -r -s4096 -p {PID}

Will show you every process which runs when you make a httpd connection to the server in order. If you search through this list you'll find your PHP script.

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Maybe you can try this!

ps ax | grep *.php
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