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I would like to check a string, so it only contains the characters 0-9 a-z -.

When I do

if [[ $string =~ $regex ]]
    echo "valid"
    echo "not valid"

it outputs valid, where I would have expected not valid because $string contains a !.

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try this: regex='^[-a-z0-9]*$'. It will force the complete line to match this class. Otherwise, only a single match, or no match at all (due to *) will return valid. ^...$ says the string starts and ends without anything that fails to match.

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Depending on the constraints, change the * to +, if you want to disallow empty strings as well. – David Souther Feb 27 '12 at 16:42

You will have to add boundaries for this regex to work.

'[-a-z0-9]*' says: match these characters 0 or more times anywhere in the string.

So adding start and end of line characters to the regex will do what you are looking for:


The next step is to limit the number of occurrences of the '-' to only once. Can the dash charcter occur at the start or at the end of the string? If not try:


Hope this helps.

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