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We have project on Umbraco 4 (web forms). And now we want to use Umbraco 5. Is there a way to migrate site from v4 to v5 ( and replace asp.net projects with user controls to mvc3 projects with partial razor views or something like this) In solution i have many Class libraries and asp.net projects with user controls and web services.


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Umbraco has specifically stated there is no upgrade path from v4 to v5. They basically say if you want to go to v5, it should be time to do a rewrite on your application anyways.

See this article for more information:


A frequent topic we meet as we approach the release of Umbraco 5 is "how can I upgrade to Umbraco 5 [from Umbraco 4]". The answer is simple - you can't. But what's even more interesting is - you wouldn't even if you could. What you worry about is irrelevant - it's what I call "The Upgrade Myth".

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Might be worth to point out here that active development on Umbraco V5 has ended. There's more information on their blog: link

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The migration path from v4 to v5 is irrelevant now because Umbraco scrapped version 5 last week. But there are already ideas out there on how to run Umbraco 4 with MVC.

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Anyone interested in Umbraco 5 should checkout RebelCMS. It's a fork of Umbraco 5 and it is very promising:


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From the latest news I have there will be a free version of Umbraco Contour which can migrate the content from a v4 installation to a v5 installation. As I know this will not affect the document types, templates and macros, only the content.

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