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I am looking over SignalR as a possible way to manage messaging between clients on a web application. The scenario would be that one person would create a session/room, and a few other people would join it. Then everyone within that room would send messages to each other. A lot like a chat room however they would be sending variable update messages etc.

Now I keep seeing it said that static variables should not be used, which I completely agree with, but if it creates a new Hub (I am planning to use a hub due to the different types of messages) each request, how does it store the group each client is in?

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I suggest you review the project's source code here. This project has been very good as you wanted.



Also you can look at here the title "Calling methods on specific clients or groups".


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I have looked over their documentation, have not looked into the source code yet. I was hoping it would be a simple case of someone saying "Grouping is handled without needing static variables, allowing it to scale fine", but the JabbR link is helpful, thanks. –  Grofit Feb 28 '12 at 9:55

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