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I have a array of elements I would like to retrieve from a list, I am unable to change the elements, I would usually use jQuery and the call would be:


However I am unable to sue jquery or another selector framework for that matter, how should this be done.

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Note: It seems that //div/ol/li/h3/a is an XPath expression, which is not supported anymore by jQuery afaik.

If your target browsers support it, you can simply use querySelectorAll [MDN]:

var links = document.querySelectorAll('div > ol > li > h3 > a');

Otherwise, a direct conversion would be:

// root is the element you start with, e.g. `document.body`
var selector = ['ol', 'li', 'h3', 'a'],
    set = root.getElementsByTagName('div');

for(var i = 0, len = selector.length; i < len; i++) {
    var tag = selector[i],
        new_set = [];

    for(var j = 0, lenj = set.length; j < lenj; j++) {
        for(var child = set[j].firstChild; child; child.nextSibling) {
            if(child.nodeName.toLowerCase() === tag) {

    set = new_set;

At the end, set will contain all links. One could also write a recursive function or simplify the code, if more information about the HTML structure is given.

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From what I understand of your question, you want to get all div, ol, li, h3 or a elements from your document in a single array without any dependencies on any javascript frameworks.

I think I would do something like this.



@Felix Kling has pointed out that the OP is attempting to an use XPath selector in the question. (this has been deprecated in more recent versions of JQuery)

To create an array of elements that matched the XPath query //div/ol/li/h3/a you could do this.

var tags = ['ol', 'li', 'h3', 'a'];
var result = [];
var leafs = document.getElementsByTagName(tags[tags.length - 1]);

for (var i = 0; i < leafs.length; i++) {
    var a = leafs[i],
        j = (tags.length - 1);
    while (a && a.nodeName.toLowerCase() == tags[j].toLowerCase()) {
        a = a.parentNode;
        if (j < 0) {

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//div/ol/li/h3/a seems to be a XPath expression and / denotes a parent-child relationship. –  Felix Kling Feb 27 '12 at 19:44

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