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I am trying to use powershell to query a website and see what SSL certificate (name) it is using for https bindings. Then I would like to trace back to see what CA issued the cert.

I am having trouble querying the website to find out what SSL certificate is binded. The IIS 7.5 GUI shows a friendly name.

After I get the websites SSL certificate the plan is to use powershell to search the Certificate stores by FriendlyName (or thumbprint, or some other value).

Here is what I have so far

query store for cert info

get-childitem cert:\LocalMachine\my | ft issuer, subject, notafter, FriendlyName

check for active bindings

get-itemproperty 'IIS:\Sites\(SITENAME)' -name bindings

Im not sure where this information is stored, and I have no luck searching for it with powreshell, in the web.config and applicationhost.config. Google searching has not been helpful so far.

Any info, links to information, or documentation on how certs are handled / stored in IIS is appreciated.

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To get the site SSL binding check out: IIS:\SslBinding

You can get the binding port like this:

dir IIS:\SslBinding | ? {$_.Port -eq 1443} | Select *

The Thumbprint and Store properties will be of interest.

You can get the actual cert using:

get-item cert:\LocalMachine\$theStore\$theThumbprint


get-item cert:\LocalMachine\My\29F025A78F537D931A8CF05B00EB81DB84160CF3 | select *
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@colo_joe Np, did this answer your question? –  Andy Arismendi Feb 28 '12 at 16:16
Andy, Yes, this did answer my question, thank you. –  colo_joe Mar 8 '12 at 19:21

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